Hello! I'm Bryan Bailey.
Web Developer, Systems Administrator,

I'm pretty good at building things using Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & AWS. Check out my Saves-All-Comics web application below!

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Bryan Bailey | Web Developer

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Some things I'm pretty good at

Web & Application Development

Forged in the times before the web was pretty and up to date on recent standards. There is very little we can't turn into a web application these days. Let's try it!

Systems Administration

Network Operations Administrator with the bulk of my experience in enterprise game architecture. The frontline in keeping all of your games online and properly working. I fixed in-game problems before you even noticed a problem.


A pianist by trade with 25 years of playtime but have recently gone down the rabbit hole of Bass Guitar. Currently playing keyboard with the band K-otic.

Giving Online Comics
A Forever Home

As a father and someone who spends a lot of their free time learning new things, there isn't always time to sit at a desk reading online comics. Even worse, there are times where we don't have the net access to even visit the site. Fear not! With Saves-All-Comics you can archive digital comics in a format that can be read offline. Now I can read my comics on my tablet in the Walmart Self-Checkout line.

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I'm open to collaborating with anyone interested in games, music, finance, film. Check out my public GitHub projects & shoot me a email

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Some thoughts

I'm occasionally known to have opinions and get excited about things.

Does My Band Need A Website? - 5 Ways To Ensure A Great Music Website
| By Bryan Bailey
Does my band need a website? - 5 ways to ensure a great music website

Many artists when looking at their budget constraints ask themselves, "Do I even need a website? I've got {social media profile} and a large following. Shouldn't that be enough?" It very well should be but, alas, it is not. But what's missing that can be provided by a website?

How To Generate A Dynamic Sitemap For SEO Using Python Flask
| By Bryan Bailey
How to generate a dynamic sitemap for seo using python flask

A proper sitemap is a key part of your websites SEO strategy and SEO is vital in bringing in traffic (and thus revenue) to the website. A sitemap is a text file that google (among other search engine providers) uses to crawl and index the website so that its content can be added and ranked within the results. There are two main types of sitemaps: XML and HTML. XML sitemaps are unique in that they are never seen by the end users and are only used as a way to clue a search engine in as to what pages are on a website as well as other information such as how often the content is updated and the general importance of the